Chapter 6

The Roaring 20's

The Controversy over The Stonewall project stayed with me, and we had to move on to our next season, so our team in the House of Chuck Magazine decided to film season five of The Maximum Exposure Fashion Series in Kansas City. Back in 2019, after we concluded our Burlesque season, I was at a rehearsal, and I came across a video clip of one of our models holding a cigarette. So I started talking to the model's mother, and she asked me when we could do another show like the Burlesque season.

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I came across a series of articles floating around that the original identity and discovery of Betty Boop was false. The Original Betty Boop was a very famous model and actress, and we learned that a studio owner stole her headshots and created the Betty Boop character. The character would be turned into an animated series from 1930 to 1939.

The actress filed a lawsuit against the studio for exploiting her image. The studio executive found out that she was not the person who invented the character but the mother and manager of Baby Esther Jones. Baby Esther Jones was a black broadway dancer in The Roaring ’20s and always ended her act with the famous Betty Boop line. The studio executive found Baby Esther Jones, she testified in court, and the other actress lost the case. The case got dismissed in 1933.

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In 2020, I turned the story into a script and sent it to the team at House of Chuck Magazine, the team loved it, and it was full steam ahead that this was going to be our next project. We decided to use The Roaring 20's as the backdrop to tell Baby Esther Jones' backstory. The story takes place between 1920 - 1930, leading up to the animated series. The story's origin shows a POC as Betty Boop and shows what a typical day is like in her world as she prepares for a Broadway performance.

The Betty Boop Origins

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While we were in production, I saw a sign on a bench that said Kansas City survived Prohibition by creating nightclubs, casinos, and Jazz concerts. I saw this as a sign that we were right where we needed to be. Unfortunately, many venues bow out last minute due to the Covid – 19 Pandemic. I was frantic and didn’t know what to do. I went to dinner with one of the models, and she made some calls, and the next thing we knew, we had our show booked at The Gem Theatre on 18th & Fine in the Jazz district in Kansas City.

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House of Chuck Magazine wrapped that production in eight weeks and was published in September of 2020. The season was a sensation, and according to my peers, it is by far the best project ever created by the House of Chuck Magazine. Over ten thousand viewers tuned in to watch the season, and it got published in a Fashion Week Magazine. By the end of 2020, The Maximum Exposure Fashion Series had conquered the Midwest, and we were ready for our final chapter in St. Louis.

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