Christa Riley Spills The Tea

After years of keeping quiet alternative model, Christa Riley is ready to talk. On May 15th, 2021, Riley submitted a complaint to the House of Chuck Magazine cyberbullying database with a very lengthy testimony on the Modeling Industry in St. Louis. The only thing Riley did was confirm what House of Chuck Magazine knew about the wolves of the Modeling industry. Finally, after a month of monitoring Riley’s activities, Riley granted House of Chuck Magazine an interview.

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The story starts with a life-changing illness and leads to having the foundation knocked out from under Riley. Next, she went into details about how the wolves of the modeling industry all got together to cancel Riley and her endeavors. Next, Riley talked about her court case on The Hot Bench and how her haters are still attacking her to this day. The interview lasted 45 minutes and was filled with tears and laughter.

Riley disappeared from the industry about two years ago, after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Riley said that once she was diagnosed, she saw the truth for the first time. Riley got to see who her real friends and family were. Riley provided names, documents of criminal activity, and a list of organizations where she experienced abuse. Riley did admit that she is not perfect herself and was under a lot of pressure, often her frustrations showing.

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She broke down into tears when she read that someone was going around gathering testimonies of her; she claims that most of them were not true and were organized by her haters. Instead, she took the opportunity to apologize to those hurt by the unfortunate series of events that led to her downfall. Riley recently resurfaced not as a Studio owner, not as a model, but this time as a photographer. Riley said a few photographers inspired her to return to her passions Project Delta and the No More Labels Campaign.

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The Rise, Stumble, and Comeback

Several of Riley’s allies have reached out to support her return to the modeling industry and feel she was wronged on so many levels; others continue to attack her on social media, hoping she would just go away. Model TraVaughn Cobin reached out to me and said that Riley is one of the most creative people he knows and has the tools and talent for this industry. Cobin expressed his excitement for Riley and planned to work with her when he gets back to St. Louis. Cobin worked with her for several years and explained that Riley knows a lot, which is what her haters fear.

Riley explained to me how the world is adding more labels to people and creating divisions. Divisions that have had a catastrophic effect on our society are why she made the No More Labels Campaign. Unfortunately, her haters hijacked Riley’s pages, and she has provided a list of possible suspects but no luck retrieving what is rightfully hers. So what does the future look like for Riley?

Just recently, Riley collaborated with the most famous designer in the midwest, with more offers pending to collaborate. House of Chuck Magazine asked Riley about her health, and she said she is doing much better after physical therapy. Riley said she had to learn pretty much everything all over again, including learning how to speak and walk again. She also expressed that she did not have many friends to support due to the canceled culture. Riley said her children are what gave her the strength to carry on.

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Written by Editor and Chief Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine


Published on June 6th, 2021

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