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Kea S. Thompson aka Ladybug M. Valentino

I had one of my people attend the pageant last night and told me a few things. When you called me up, I just played dumb and let you say all the stuff you needed to say, and then we discussed what we are going to do differently next time. The next thing I did was I called up The Queen, and we discussed your contributions that you have made to this community and how nobody seems to recognize any of it; all they do is take advantage of you and try to set you up for failure.

I see many people give back for many different reasons, but the reason you give back is that you are paving the way so that some other person does not have to work as hard as you have. Around every corner, this Outspoken Lesbian Activist and entertainer have been there for every person in this community, and they do the obvious; they take advantage instead of weaponizing you. In the years that we have worked together, I always taught you to see what is right in front, and I think after last night, you finally see it.

Today marks a landmark as we award the highest honor the House of Chuck Magazine can give, which is our humanitarian award. It is not a crown that is to be worn on your head; it is an award given in tribute to your contributions to the world of entertainment and your charity work. This award is not decided by a group of bias judges or a committee; It is awarded by the sovereign and her editor and chief.

I remember working so hard and never getting paid and watching everyone else win and knowing that it was given by a faceless committee or a rigged judges’ panel. One day not long ago, someone decided to recognize me for my many contributions to this community, and it felt so wonderful for once to be appreciated. I quickly remembered that I did not do this for the awards or a crown because I loved everyone around me and wanted to make the world a better place for them.

I want this award to let you know that you are appreciated. Last summer, we started a tradition where we recognize the media members for their hard work and contributions to the many industries that make up this city and country. We could have given this award to anyone, but we decided that this new tradition needs to be carried by someone who has worked so hard on what matters most in life, and that is our dreams. May you be the first to receive this award and blaze a trail for all the other hard-working entertainers out there.

Congratulations and Thank you, Kea S. Thompson, aka Lady M. Valentino

House of Chuck Magazine

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