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Local Pageantry System's with Bad Ethics

We see this all too much in our community. Private matters are becoming public scrutiny. Last Friday, a local pageantry system in St. Louis unethically published personal information with a local entertainer's picture. When we looked into the situation, both parties had a private coral that turned into a public social media battle. House of Chuck Magazine reached out to the system and demanded that the post be taken down.

The Pageantry system responded and removed the post and promised that a situation like this would never happen again. House of Chuck Magazine informed the pageantry system that we will continue to keep watching moving forward because this type of unethical behavior will not be tolerated in St Louis. We need to be more aware of people’s safety when publishing personal information on social media platforms. All it takes is for someone to get the wrong idea, and then someone’s life could be lost because of a personal matter that went south.

We value both parties and what they contribute to this community; House of Chuck Magazine looks forward to attending the event this spring and hopes to see lessons were drawn from this event. The St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community as a whole needs to work on their professionalism rather than letting private matters tear down careers and local businesses. House of Chuck Magazine wishes both parties the best and will continue to keep looking out for the safety of the community.

Written By Editor and Chief

Chuck Pfoutz


House of Chuck Magazine


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