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The Sins of the Father

This past decade has been the most historic in LGBTQIA+ history. With the rise of social media, the world has become more connected. As we have become more connected, many organized, and have developed movements. These movements have changed the world into what is it is today. With the LGBTQIA+ community becoming normalized, we are beginning to see the imperfections within the community. We see divisions due to racism, corruption, clout chasing, sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual assault, the mistreatment of entertainers, and so much.

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Last week, a gay republican porn star stalking a local bartender for weeks decided to take matters a step further by trying to manipulate everyone into believing that he was the victim of cyberbullying by the bartender and an entertainer at Hamburger Mary’s St. Louis. The truth is that the gay republican porn star disclosed his personal information out on social media and then deleted the comments. Shortly after this exchange, the gay republican porn star persuaded Hamburger Mary's St. Louis to fire one of St. Louis's biggest stars.

The firing of Krista Versace created a firestorm in the LGBTQIA+ community; people were outraged and demanded answers. As it turns out, the owner of Hamburger Mary's St. Louis could have cared less about what Krista Versace had to say and went on social media slandering a 30-year legendary career. The community is still recovering from the firing of Alexis Principle in 2019.

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In 2019, David Pardue fired Alexis Principle on her birthday when she decided to perform at Grey Fox Pub at the Candy Principle Show. According to the staff at Hamburger Mary's, all performers who are staffed at Hamburger Mary's signed a non-compete contract that prevents them from performing at other venues. Yesterday, House of Chuck Magazine uncovered some crucial evidence that no agreement has ever existed until June of 2020.

This creates confusion for the local drag scene. Why would Pardue fire someone for performing at another venue? All the sudden, STL Black Pride, Cosmopolitan, and The Maximum Exposure Fashion Series were not allowed to have events at Hamburger Mary's St Louis. The pattern became evident that David Pardue does not like having diversity in his venue. These series of events took place between the opening in January 2018 – present.

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Within hours after the firing of Krista Versace, horror stories have arisen of racism, transphobia, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse by the venue owner. For decades the LGBIQIA+ community has been forced to live in inclusion, which created opportunities for venue owners such as David Pardue to take advantage of their power with no consequences. This is why no apologies have been made public because situations like this have never been corrected.

Just because you are a product of the old order does not give you the right as the owner of an establishment to abuse your power over others. David and many others feel they should be exempt from this kind of behavior because of the history of inclusion in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Krista Versace speaks out on Our Point Of View - The Boom Boom Room

Under no circumstances should anyone abuse their power for any reason. The stories coming out every day all have the same pattern and are compelling. The outspoken Krista Versace told House of Chuck Magazine that she has never seen this community so divided, and It is because of improper leadership like David Pardue. The House of Chuck Magazine has been following Krista Versace for a decade now, and we do see what everyone else sees when it comes to this legend.

Picture Taken by Andreu Wade Blackwell

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We see a mother trying to protect her community against Monsters such as David Pardue. Krista Versace has a remarkable repour with everyone in the city and has a reputation for putting her arm around others behind the scenes. Echoes on the internet say that Krista Versace has not been given enough credit for everything she has contributed to the LGBTQIA+ community. How can a club owner trash talk someone who has been praised worldwide not only for her talent but for her influential voice over LGBTQIA+ youth?

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Moving forward

This week both entertainer’s Robyn Hearts and Tiffany T Hunter have both resigned from Hamburger Mary’s. Charity Valentino announced on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, that a protest will be taking place outside of Hamburger Mary's with the following demands listed below, along with a petition.

• His ownership from Hamburger Mary’s St. Louis be removed.

• His privileges revoked from all pageantry systems.

• Removal from the School Board in Fairview Heights, IL at Grant Middle School.

Due to the overwhelming outcry over the LGBTQIA+ corruption, a movement has been created called the STL LGBTQIA+ Crusaders for Justice, which is a runner by several community leaders in St. Louis.


Written by 

Carlos Ferguson

House of Chuck Magazine


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