The Turnabout Pageantry System in STL

On a cold fall day, House of Chuck Magazine received an invitation to photograph Zane’s entertainer (Zariah Principle). The event was a blast from the past because this is the first pageant has covered in over four years. When we showed up, it felt like the first time I photographed my first Pagent in October 2013. We saw different house leaders in St. Louis sitting with their families, showing support towards the contestants.

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The Organizer DeMarco Jackson Sr. was on-site running around checking everything making sure that everything runs perfectly. As everyone starts walking in, you can feel all Jackson’s love and support for this extraordinary pageant. So many entertainers in St. Louis say that Turnabout is the best pageant in Midwest. From what House of Chuck Magazine sees’s we agree with those entertainers.

This pageant is genuinely the ultimate career challenge for an entertainer in the art of impersonation because it requires total transformation. That means that everything you know as an artist gets thrown out, and you have to present the total opposite. That means that if someone usually performs as a man, is required to perform in drag or as a woman. This year, we saw all of the fuss was about and saw the contestants push boundaries like never before.

The Winners

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As the emcee ran through the lineup, we saw the overwhelming variety of entertainment and the categories of the Pagent. We saw the conviction of Jackson, ensuring that his pageant ran smoothly. House of Chuck Magazine has covered Continental, USofA, Wessland, America, and many others. When we see how Jackson runs his Pageantry system, House of Chuck Magazine agrees that it does measure up to its best but does not compete with the challenge Jackson requires in the Turnabout Pagent.

House of Chuck Magazine congratulates DeMarco Jackson on a very successful event and hopes to attend more in the future.

Editor and Chief

Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine


Published on 11/29/2021

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